Ocean People Tour

Ocean People Tour

Giving the Ocean a Voice

A foundational and ongoing campaign for Oceans For Generations, building the movement to facilitate and enact our vision.

The Ocean People Tour encourages people to recognise and value their connection to the Oceans and as a result identify as caring Ocean People.

We build awareness of Ocean issues and the state of the world’s Oceans and inspire action with stories of Ocean initiatives successfully restoring marine spaces.

We support Ocean People in an advisory capacity with designing and implementing Ocean initiatives.

The Ocean People Tour is a series of events that provide a pathway for connecting, sharing and empowering Ocean People to come together and create effective initiatives promoting Ocean health.

Our goals:

  • Building a connected, populous movement of Ocean People advocating for our Oceans
  • Growing awareness of Ocean issues and human reliance on healthy Oceans
  • Facilitate connectedness amongst Ocean People and Ocean initiatives
  • Provide space for Ocean People to engage in Ocean advocacy
  • Inspire and empower effective active engagement

Oceans For Generations is actively connecting Ocean People, empowering Ocean initiatives and amplifying positive outcomes for our Oceans.

Be part of the journey!