Marine Protection

Marine Protection

Restoring the life force of the ocean

Our oceans are struggling to provide for the intergenerational relationship for coastal communities. The expanse of urchin barrens, destruction of habitat and loss of once common species have left these communities with a lack of marine wellbeing, both culturally and recreationally.

A recent pathway to marine protection has been created through the Motiti Rohemoana Trust in the Bay of Plenty. This progressive method within regional approaches enables communities to share what is important to them and assess the appropriateness of activities in the coastal marine area. Positive outcomes include Marine Protected Areas.

Our goals in establishing community lead marine protection areas are:
  • To support the restoration of marine productivity
  • To enable the marine space to return to a productive and healthy state
  • To facilitate the sharing of values important to the wellbeing of Ocean People and communities
  • To provide a pathway through a model of Taonga (special) and Tapu (sacred) places
  • To empower Ocean People to engage effectively in decision making processes
Oceans for Generations has created a community tool box that will:
  • Empower community to develop strategies that enable coastal MPAs
  • Support communities in the development of public relations and communication
  • Provide templates and language which create opportunities for the process of marine spatial planning
  • Provide network support to amplify community voice

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