Our Mission

Restoration through Connection

We believe in a world full of abundant, vibrant oceans that we as community can enjoy, benefit from and interact with for future generations.

Our Purpose: “Empowering Ocean People”

There is a need to create an effective voice for the ocean, to give strength to ocean people and their communities.

Our Vision:  “Oceans providing for future generations”

Ocean people are acting as guardians to maintain and regenerate the integrity of an intergenerational relationship with the world’s oceans.

Ocean people perspectives are placed at the centre of marine management processes.

Global ocean health is measurably tracking upwards by 2040.

Our Mission: “Restoration through Connection”

Creating shared awareness for solution-focused tools and methods that facilitate effective ocean management..

What is Oceans For Generations

We are a movement of ocean people who support initiatives and policies that promote the restoration of ocean health. We are committed to achieve this through:

  • Community empowerment
  • Project Management
  • Policy development
  • Networking
  • Public relations
  • Ecological and biological sciences
  • Legal and Law

Join us and stay in the know!