About us

Oceans For Generations

The Global Ocean Ecoscape is measurably tracking upwards by 2040.

Ecoscape captures all parts of the marine space, including all of the elements (the sea, the seabed and oxygen), the character, all living things and the relationships between all things.

The Ecoscape includes ocean communities who are recognised for their connection, their knowledge and for embodying the wisdom crucial to the returning health of the world’s oceans and the restoration of sustainable ocean derived human benefits.

Ocean community perspectives have been placed at the centre of marine management, building environmental and community resilience for the betterment of all.

Ocean People the world over are acting in their role as guardians to maintain and regenerate the integrity of the world’s oceans for future generations.


Restoration through connection

Connecting ocean people with each other, so that they can be effective decision makers through a shared awareness and solutions that place ocean community perspectives and stories at the centre of marine management.

We all share a connection to the ocean space and we acknowledge and value its wildness. 

We as a community are tied to the ebb and flow of wairua, the physical and spiritual relationship which sustains mauri, life-force, which provides and supports our community wellbeing. The koha, gift that the moana, ocean provides is intrinsically interconnected with the wellbeing of the ecoscape, which humans are a part of.

Oceans for Generations value the shared contribution of our ocean community to the kaitiakitanga, stewardship of the marine space. Our actions give form, shape and tangibility to that connection. We can only be more effective together with the shared responsibility of awareness in a balanced relationship built on common stories of understanding, trust and respect for the marine heritage and environment.

Oceans for Generations is built on the values:

  • OFG is a science and ethics driven organization.
  • OFG acknowledges the interconnectedness of the world’s oceans and the role they play in sustaining life on earth.
  • OFG acknowledges the innate right of all species to exist and thrive.
  • OFG acknowledges that the oceans are the common heritage of all mankind.
  • OFG acknowledges and values diversity of cultural connections and relationships, the wisdom and knowledge held by Ocean People.
  • OFG operates with empathy and compassion.
  • OFG values and facilitates inclusivity, connective community empowerment.
  • OFG respects the desire to restore ocean derived human benefits for generations to come.

We want to share this work with you and collectively regenerate the ocean, preserving the existence of all sea dwellers and humanity’s wellbeing in balance with the ocean.