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40% of fish caught in the world’s oceans are ground up for animal feed

Kai Ni Cola: A village versus climate change

Climate change visibly effects Pacific Islands such as Fiji Especially coastal communities feel and see the change rapidly From victim to hero: One person inspires others to mitigate the effects Learnings from actions such as mangrove and coral planting How to build...

Marine protection for the corals, the children and the chicken

Rising sea levels, overcapacity and depleting resources - the effects of climate change are hitting the Pacific Islands particularly hard. But instead of waiting for the end of the world, creative residents are trying to empower their people and preserve their home...

Marine champions showcasing best practises on Vanuatu

For decades, the chiefs of 16 indigenous communities on the islands of Pele and Nguna in Vanuatu have been working together to protect their forests and reefs. The best-practises of the  “Nguna-Pele Marine and Land Protected Area Network” are now spread in other...

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